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Operation Holiday Escape – Part II

22 Dec


Operation Holiday Escape

21 Dec


What do you see?

18 Dec


Central Market is an upscale, natural and unique food market division of HEB grocery stores. I was visiting their website ( and encountered this photo. What do YOU see?


A great web tool. Tiny URL

18 Dec
Enter a long URL to make tiny:

Walking 1.5 miles in the snow, uphill

18 Dec

I left the office today about 6:00 and there was little in the way of rain/snow in the Redmond area. But the closer I got to Woodinville, the more rain/snow was falling and beginning to accumulate. By the time I was approaching my neighborhood, the streets had considerable amount of snow covering them and cars were having difficulty preventing their tires from spinning out. Long story short, I could not successfully drive back into my neighborhood and had to instead park my car at the nearby grocery store. I walked about 1.5 miles to my house (uphill in the snow, no joke) and finally arrived home after trekking for about 40 mins.

The funny thing about this is that I began the day working from home due to the weather forecast and school closures suggesting it was going to be bad weather and to stay off the roads. But the entire morning was warm (i.e. above freezing) and dry. So I thought it was a little foolish to be staying home and decided to head in to the office.

It was a fun day. Despite the walking home in the freezing cold, it was a beautiful scene with the white powdery snow covering everything and the calm and quiet hills. I should have been taking pictures to share!


Santa by the Fire

13 Dec

Santa by the Fireplace
Photo of Santa by the fireplace with my new camera lens. I’m sure I’ll be experimenting quite a bit in the coming days and weeks.


Labor Day at Birch Bay

20 Sep

Here is where we stayed over Labor Day weekend 2008. It’s located at Birch Bay in Blaine, WA which is just five or so miles south of the USA/Canada border. Thanks Jack!


Daylight Savings Dance is Annoying

09 Mar

Fall back one hour, spring forward one hour, now grab your partner and do-si-do. What a crock!! Time change is one of those things that is very simple to do, you know it’s coming twice a year and still I get irritated by it when it happens. It seems so pointless to me. How is it possible that I lived perfectly fine without any time changes for ten years while living in Phoenix, AZ? Time change serves no purpose in today’s world – at not least my world.

Time change as a parent is even worse. Have you ever had trouble waking a child in the morning to go to school? It can be difficult as you know. Now take that same child and try to wake them an hour earlier now. That’s a fight that goes on for a week or two before it goes back to the normal struggle of waking up in the morning. Besides that, have you ever had trouble sending your child to be on time? How often does that child plead and bargain with you to stay up “just a little later”? Now try to put this same child to bed when it’s still bright as day outside. Yeah, not easy.

In work life, time change is at least as annoying but since I work in the technology field, I see some of the bigger problems. It’s like a mini Y2K twice a year. Take for example batch processing your accounting daily at a scheduled time. No problem that the scheduled time can be changed. But what happens to scheduled jobs that are running during the time change. For example, your processing is scheduled to run at 1:15 a.m. So it runs at 1:15 a.m. and then you set the clock back and 1:15 a.m. comes again (or whenever the damn time changes). Now it’s processed the job twice which can be a problem. Or imagine the other case where the job is scheduled to run at 1:15 a.m. and 1:00 a.m. is skipped and now it’s suddenly 2:00 a.m. Guess what happened to your job. Right, it didn’t run at all. Of course this sounds like no problem if you’re seeing these examples spelled out, but consider if there are hundreds or thousands of these types jobs and many of them obscure and not thought of daily. It leads to a very busy day after the changes fixing and running things that have gone haywire overnight.

But mostly I can’t stand the time changes because it affects my sleeping, my kids’ sleeping and me having to figure out if I’m one hour earlier or two hours earlier now from Phoenix!!! Gotta run…I’m an hour late.


Snowball Fight!!!

26 Dec

Don’t send a lame Holiday eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

Update 04/08/13: content is no longer available from Jib Jab. 🙁


Family Feud Turkey Day

15 Dec

I once saw this clip on a game show bloopers program and laughed like crazy. If at first you don’t laugh out loud, watch it again and again. I guarantee you will get the giggles!