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Two Princes(ses)

16 Oct

Two Princes(ses)Who is the stronger sex? Male or Female. I’m not sure who’s actually stronger, but I can tell you who can manipulate and coerce more than the other. FEMALE. Or perhaps it’s just males knowing that they need to entertain females’ suggestions for the long-term benefit of themselves.

Either way, I have some great blackmail photos for when these princes(ses) get older.


The Cay

04 Oct

The CayThis is the book that my 5th grade child is reading. I don’t know what you see when you view the cover of this book, but I was surprised at the image when I first glanced at it. Beyond the image itself, you may see that the script font title can be interpreted to read as something a little different too which may coincide with the image. I’m sure it’s a good book which tells a fantastic tale. But will someone please rework the book cover?


What Does $5.00 Get You?

02 Oct

PlantsFive bucks gets you over $300.00 worth of plants if your timing is right. Check out what we brought home from Lowes.

When we went to Lowes, we weren’t looking to purchase any plants, but we usually make it a point to peruse their outdoor area. When we arrived, there was a lady with tons of plants on her cart who was uncontrollably giddy. She couldn’t help but share the cause for her excitement to each passerby. She exclaimed that she was buying all those plants for only $5.00 and went on to explain to us how this incredible deal worked.

Basically, the Garden Center was expecting a shipment of new plants and needed to clear some space quickly. The deal offered was as many of a variety of marked plants you could fit on a cart for $5.00. With a double decker cart in tow, we began our challenge to “Fill the Cart”. When all was tolled, we had crammed 42 plants which was regularly priced at over $300 onto our cart. Not bad for a meager $5.00.



02 Oct

FaceplantOur oldest son has been doing a lot of skateboarding over the past couple years. He’s been riding many days, went to summer camp this summer and continues to challenge himself to be “The Best Skateboarder in the World”. But along the way to accomplishing this feat comes lessons and injuries. This is the latest…(click the image for the full view.)