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The BacheLOSER

21 Nov

The BachelorWhat a complete TOOL! I didn’t watch a single episode of this season’s The Bachelor (or last season, or the previous…) but I did manage to watch the reunion show. Here is a guy who has success in his professional life, has good looks and seems pretty pleasant. But he cannot decide among 25 beautiful women; many of whom are throwing themselves at this man. At least two of the women fall in love with this guy and are prepared to marry him. On the final episode, where a “winner” is typically selected by awarding them with an engagement ring while the runner up gets relieved of her hopes of being with the man of her dreams, there was a major curveball thrown. And I don’t give one ounce of credit to this guy for having a well thought out plan. He says that he’s not 100% sure of his love for either of these women, he says how badly he’s hurting too (he’s not) and he says that he blew them both off on national television to spare their feelings. What a tool! He had no idea how to deal with a serious relationship. He’s likely going to become married to some woman who only loves his money or he’ll be so selective that he’ll never find a woman who will measure up. Either way, this guy has the appearance of having a lot to offer a woman, but I’m guessing he’s emotionally retarded! So you don’t have to watch an entire season of this crap to form an opinion and to get all the info you need. This can be achieved by being stuck in a hotel room, traveling on business and having nothing better to watch.


This One Time at Skate Camp

20 Nov


The Race for Recycling

20 Nov

Check out Brandon’s movie debut. Plus it’s a project he had to do for school.