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Incredible Inspirational Last Lecture

26 Jul

I have just spent the last one hour and sixteen minutes watching a lecture from a professor, Randy Pausch, at Carnegie Mellon University and it was amazing for every second. I followed a link off of the Google search page (I know I should have been using instead. I’ll work on that) which was very underemphasized and inconspicuous. I don’t recall what I was going to search over an hour ago on this Saturday midday, but it was time well spent.

The weather outside is wonderful. It’s a clear breezy day with the sun out and the temperature about 65 degrees or so. I have been planning to do some quick errands and then attend a company picnic. I was NOT planning to sit on the couch to watch an hour long lecture on my small computer screen. But I will encourage you all to take the time to watch it. You will be inspired!




Washington Photo Album

18 Jul

Yellow Flower Lake

Check out some of the photos I took recently while beginning to explore the beautiful state of Washington. I encourage you to click the image above to take you to the rest of the images. Please be sure to add your comments to the photos. I was hoping to capture the best images possible and not just oridinary snapshots. Let me know what you liked and what you didn’t.

To all my friends and family, I miss you guys and wished I could share these with you personally. In the meantime I’ll post as much as I can here.


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