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A Trip to Snoqualmie Falls

02 Feb


Sweatin’ a Joint

02 Feb

I’ve done lots of home improvement in my time. I’ve done framing, electrical, repairs, etc. But the one trade I’ve not really done before is plumbing.

There’s lots of plumbing that I’ve done like install/repair faucets and sinks, install/repair toilets, install/repair sprinklers and PVC, etc. But I’ve not done the mother of them all – copper plumbing. That is until now.

Recently I had a simple, small repair to take care of in the upstairs bathroom. It actually started as simply turning off the supply valve to the toilet to check out a problem. After turning off the supply value (behind the toilet), I noticed a small leak from the end of the valve handle. No problem…all I need to do is replace the value. Done it many times before. Off comes the toilet to allow enough room to work on the value. I installed a new valve and there was a very slow leak at the compression fitting.

Next step would be to cut a 2′ x 2′ opening in the drywall and test my skills at replacing some copper plumbing. Nothing to worry about since I’ve seen this done many times before on TV and in magazines. It looks pretty simple – clean, flux, heat, solder, done. But let me be the first to admit that it is more difficult than it looks. The only thing that makes it a challenge that’s worth pursuing is to start the job for the first time at 7:00 p.m. on Sunday with the hardware store closing and kids needing to get ready to go to bed. Let’s just say, there was added pressure to complete this “simple” task.

Opening the wall

In the end, I put together the shoddiest solder joint you’d ever seen and was very worried that it may not hold. But, with persistence, determination, confidence and a disapproving wife, I was able to pull it off. Two hours and no leaks. (fingers still crossed.)

Joints 1 & 2 Joint 3

I’m looking forward to trying to do this again in the future, but probably on a less important part of the house and with more time and supplies.

I realize now why it’s called sweating a joint. Cause I was really sweating!!!

No leaks


Our First Trip to Seattle

01 Feb

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