First snow of the Year

14 Dec

Today was a very fun December day. Although we got off to a slow, typical, Saturday morning start it improved steadily as the day went on. Steph got cookies and made-from-scratch icing ready for us to decorate cookies later. Friends joined us in the afternoon to play with the boys. We went to the local nursery where they had some neat flower arrangements set up for photo ops (several of which you see in the slide show). After having a simple pick-up dinner, we moved on to decorating cookies with the kids. And almost as it were scheduled, the snow started to fall and was accumulating on the ground. The boys quickly threw on their coats, shoes/boots and gloves and headed outside to begin playing in the dark while the snow fell. What began as only playing in the snow became Halo 4 – Snow Wars. It wasn’t long before we all got into the snow ball fight! After quite a bit of running around, throwing snowballs, etc., we slowed the pace some and moved onto building a snowman. The light, wet snow continued to fall and worked with us to produce the large balls to form our first Washington snowman. Once everyone was plenty cold and a little tired, we headed inside for some hot chocolate to wrap things up. Oh, and we watched some Ultimate Fighting  too. 🙂

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