After graduating from Thunderbird High School, I did what many of our classmates did. That is, I enrolled in the local community college, Glendale Community College (G.C.C.). I spent many years there, but it took me some time to figure out how things worked at the college level before I really became productive.

In the beginning, I skipped classes and didn’t do homework, or study, etc. This was done as a way to express my distaste for the instructor usually. I came to realize that this activity made no difference to the instructor but only to my G.P.A. and wallet, I began to see the light. I earned my first scholarship, became a member of Phi Theta Kappa (an honor society for junior colleges) and my studies began to improve.

I am now probably a Junior! Again, like many of our classmates, I am on the ten-year+ plan. Because I have had some unique family and career opportunities, I have been going to school only part-time. I hope to complete my degree requirements at some point soon.


After high school I held a handful of different jobs. I worked as a cashier for what was known then as Home Club, a do-it-yourself home improvement warehouse. After a several months, I sought employment elsewhere. I was led to the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel.

The timing was right and I had the pleasure of being on the charter staff as a front desk clerk for the Courtyard on Camelback road and 24th Street which hadn’t even opened yet. Each morning, the entire staff would begin the day with stretching and light exercise in the courtyard by the pool. Since the hotel was not yet open to the public, when we were training, employees from other departments would come to ours and act as the hotel guests. I really enjoyed this when we had to be the guests in the restaurant. Three times each eight-hour shift that we worked, we’d order breakfast, lunch and dinner from the restaurant. Hotels have many fun perks.

The hotel opened in July of 1990. I met my future wife while I was working at the Courtyard. That was one helluva perk!

After a couple years and becoming a Front Desk Supervisor for the Marriott, I moved on. Next stop…Bank of America.

BofA…nothing really interesting there. I went to work after BofA for Amdahl Corporation. Amdahl is a mainframe computer company. This is where I got my first real taste of the computer industry. It got my attention.


In 1995, I was presented with a choice. I had two job offers.

The first offer was from an International software company, ViaSoft. This was a great opportunity for me especially since they were going to take me on even without any formal computer training. The second offer was out of state. This offer was for a small group of companies in Texas. The risk was greater, but the experience and the potential was great too. The two offers measured out about equally, but Texas won because it was more equally distant from (or close to) my and my wife’s families.


After dating for three years, I finally married the girl from the Courtyard restaurant. We had a relatively small, outdoor wedding on the lawn of a small Kansas Country Club. The entire family helped out in the wedding. In fact, our ring bearer was our Shetland Sheepdog. The wedding was a lot of work that took months of planning and seemed to come and go so quickly.

Four years after marriage and seven years after we began dating, in 1997 my wife and I became the proud parents of a wonderful new son. In 2000 we welcomed our second son. And in 2004, we brought another boy into the world. What a handful they’ve been, but we wouldn’t have changed a thing.

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  1. Ya right

    November 29, 2012 at 8:28 pm

    Did you stop at 2010? Did MS get too busy. Go to Silicon Valley, thye are laid back and no sticks u their butts.

    OMG – do you know who this is? Debbie! Need I say anymore?

    Have 8 friends at Google and 2 at Apple now. I have no idea what they are talking about – but status counts, right?

    Jobs bio was great – cried for days, so did my i kids.

    Love Silicon Valley more friendly than Seattle.

    XOXOXOXO – yes I am organic and smoke free (wait WA just passed the Pot law – hmmmm.)