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I’m no longer posting my running here.

AthLinks Check me out on where most of my race results get posted.

Nike+ GPS I having been really happy using the Nike+ GPS on my iPhone and have recorded most of my training runs on there. Sadly, there is no way for me to embed or share that information here at this time.

Forest GumpStarted running again. Let’s see how this goes.

Date Distance Time Weight Notes
8/20/11 10 k 00:48:35   Covey Run 2011 10K
7/18/11 3.09 miles 00:26:01   Run through neighborhood.
7/17/11 6.32 miles 00:54:35 138.4 Run to Shell station and back. Warrior Dash yesterday. Hamstring tight first mile, knees irritated last mile. Breathing good.
7/16/11 4.55 miles 00:36:48 Warrior Dash run and obstacle course. Great time and pretty easy run. Obstacles were not too tough, but the mud was more work than expected.
7/14/11 3:08 miles 00:23:23 Run with Brooks at Green Lake in Seattle.
7/12/11 4:02 miles 00:34:42 Run out towards Safeway and return by 182nd through neighborhood.
7/9/11 3:08 miles 00:28:00 Run on high route through neighborhood. Evening run after full day of golf.
7/6/11 6.35 miles 00:57:32
7/4/11 2.49 miles 00:21:53 Short run to light and back.
7/3/11 3.07 miles 00:26:18    
7/2/11 3.11 miles 00:28:56 Run with Steph around neighborhood. Leg still sore, but improved after about a mile. Slow and steady run.
7/1/11 2.55 miles 00:22:56 Light and back. Still working on recovering from left leg problems.
6/30/11 0.9 miles 00:08:46 Run was uncomfortable. Decided to stop.
6/26/11 6.28 miles 00:59:18 140.4 Run to Shell station and back (plus a little more).
6/25/11 2.5 miles 00:25:03 Run to light and back. Slow run, just testing knee. Knee bothered me for the first almost two miles and then began to loosen up. Tightness really impacted stride to begin with.
6/18/11 10K 00:52:58 140.8 Fall City Days 10K. Felt great after not training for the week trying to let my left knee rest. Goal #1 of season complete. Splits: 9:20, 8:55, 8:33, 16:33 (8:16), 8:10, 1:36
6/12/11 2.59 miles 00:23:27 Run to light and back following RAC to Redmond 4.5 mile run and beers!
6/12/11 4.5 miles 00:47:37 RAC to Redmond 4.5 mile run with physical challenges along the way. Really tough and intense at times. Most difficult race to date. Running is much simpler without the stuff in between! Ran one mile of route at 7:33 minutes.
6/8/11 3.11 miles 00:26:00 Run through the neighborhood.
6/5/11 3.11 miles 00:26:56 142.8 Steph and I run through the neighborhood. Went “reverse&quote; direction which was much easier. Everything felt really good – cardio, muscles, joints. Took it pretty easy. Had completed an easy 4 mile bike ride with E just before.
6/4/11 4.5 miles 00:40:27 141.8 Mud and Chocolate trail run. Beautiful day and trail in good condition. Felt good. Completed 9th overall out of about ~65 runners.
6/1/11 3.13 miles 00:25:43 143.6 Ran the 3+ mile loop around the neighborhood. Steph ran with me too. Felt good and went fairly fast. Cardio was the watch area and mid-right back along spine was tight. Lots of hills in the neighborhood. 🙂
5/30/11 5K 00:24:36 143.5 Gilead River Run 5K. Really flat course except for the beginning which was downhill and the end which was uphill. Decent weather and felt great with good training leading up to this. Result was a new PR! Overall 41st of 242 and 8 of 18 for 30-39.
5/28/11 2.5 miles 00:21:45 Nice run, felt strong and fast the whole run. Had a little tenderness below my kneecap on the downhill towards the end. Felt like I had much more stamina to continue going.
5/26/11 3.14 miles 00:27:36 Took a nice easy run and felt great the whole run except two points. Starting out, my right calf was tight and took some time to loosen up. At the last steep downhill, on my left knee (below kneecap and slightly outside of center) was feeling stressed from the downhill pounding. Had to hop on my right leg a few strides towards bottom. Not sure the problem, but could become serious.
5/24/11 2.5 miles 00:23:57 143.2 Outside to light and back. Laid off running for several days and have been having trouble eating and sleeping. Lost a lot of weight. But all things considered, the run felt good.
5/17/11 2.5 miles 00:23:53 146.4 Treadmill at PRO Club.
5/14/11 1.51 miles 00:12:23 Treadmill at Venetian.
5/11/11 2 miles 00:16:55 148.8 Treadmill at PRO Club.
5/4/11 2.5 miles 00:21:42 150.8 Run to light and back. Knees felt better. It was a very nice and sunny day, early evening run. Felt strong and in good shape for the entire short run. New PR.
5/1/11 5.90 miles 00:56:03 150.8 Run to Shell station and back. Felt good, ran easy. Terrain was relatively flat for four miles. Could have run a couple miles more. Nice sunny and warm day, in low 60s. **Longest recorded run to date.**
4/30/11 2.50 miles 00:25:59 Run to Woodinville-Duvall and back. First run for several days. Felt tired and winded much of the run.
4/25/11 2.12 miles 00:18:10 Run in Phoenix. Warm and clear on flat unfamiliar roads.
4/23/11 2.90 miles 00:24:47 Microsoft Campus Jam 5K. The course was a bit short of a 5K. Good weather and good training leading up to this run. Course was fairly flat and not overcrowded. Was sucking a bit of air at the end, but overall felt comfortable, confident and in control. Steph did great during this run and beat me by over a minute.
4/20/11 2.46 miles 00:23:43 153.5
4/18/11 2.44 miles 00:22:51
4/17/11 2.37 miles 00:22:20 152.7 Run to light and back. Focused on increased speed. Need to confirm and calibrate distance.
4/16/11 3.83 miles 00:41:35 Run around the block. Need to confirm and calibrate distance.
4/9/11 2.52 miles 00:25:58 157.2 Run to light and back.
4/8/11 4.0 miles 00:41:52 155.8 Kept the pace slow. Nice sunny afternoon and 55 degrees. New shoes and stress to let off. Felt great and could have run miles more. Focused on breathing and running within myself to achieve maximum distance.
4/6/11 1.58 miles 00:15:20 Treadmill run at the gym. Incline at 1.0 and pace around 6.2 to 6.4. Had to stop being out of breath.
3/26/11 1.07 miles 00:10:49 To stop sign and back. Need to confirm and calibrate distance.
3/25/11 1.09 miles 00:11:11
1/30/11 1.5 miles 00:18:37 Nike+. First run in quite a while. Been bugged by a cough believed to be asthma related. Felt pretty good. Ran without trying to overdo it. Focused on relaxing and maintaining control over stride and armswings and posture. Not too bad.
10/15/10 5k 00:30:18 Ran the 2010 MSFT Giving Campaign 5k. Crowded running paths slowed pace some. Overall, felt pretty tired and not well trained.
10/12/10 3.98 miles 00:44:57 Fourth day running with CBas. Did a night road run around the neighborhood. Felt good generally and finished strong. Slight left foot and knee pain at the beginning.
10/11/10 4.18 miles 01:10:18 Third day of running in the trails with Christopher. Christopher felt much better and we had to stop much less than yesterday. However, it was approaching dusk when we were mid-way through the run and darkness fell at about 20 minutes remaining in the run. It was very difficult to see the roots, rocks and mud puddles and I twisted my ankles a few times. Finally, I became aware that my knees seemed to jolt and jiggle with each hard landing while running. This made me wonder about ACL/MCL type symptoms. After yesterday’s run, I found that going DOWN the stairs was most difficult as it seemed to stress my knees.
10/10/10 5.73 miles 01:48:27 Second day of running in the trails with Christopher. The trails were very muddy and my arches were a little sore from yesterday’s run. Christopher was struggling some and we took many breaks during the run. Overall, my cardio felt good and my muscles felt fine. It was a bit colder today too.
10/9/10 5.25 miles ?? 01:11:37 Christopher invited me to run the Paradise Lakes trails. It was raining during the run and I have not been running for quite some time. Felt very good throughout the run. The terrain was widely varied with elevation, switchbacks, roots and rocks.
8/21/10 5k 00:29:40 159.8 Hadn’t run for quite some time. Decided at 12:45 a.m. to do the Covey Run 5k. Woke up at 6:45. Weather was a cool 51 degrees and the course was relatively flat. First 5k run since being in WA. Felt pretty good throughout, but fatigue began to set in about 2.25 miles in. Race results posted here and also posted run on
7/27/10 3.1 miles 00:35:06 Started off geocaching in the trails after having a Ooba burrito and beer. After about a mile of hiking, decided to exit the trails and and return home. Instead, we exited at the opposite side of the trail – about 3.1 miles from where we parked and nightfall was coming quickly.
7/14/10 1.2 miles 00:10:26 Laid off running for quite a while. Felt good and the weather was amazing. Felt good and strong throughout the run. Was sucking wind a bit though. At the end, had quite a bit of coughing and felt a tickle in the back of my throat for a while. Posted on
5/15/10 1.2 miles 00:10:56 Posted on Nike+.
5/8/10 1.2 miles 00:10:38 Still not checking. My goal was to keep pace with Steph. She was a bit tired and I was able to keep up and finished at the same time as her.
4/17/10 1.2 miles 00:12:05 Still not checking. Run followed a 4+ mile bike ride. Legs and hip flexors were tired. Had to walk up most of the hill, but ran the rest (very slowly) feeling decent. Recovered breathing quickly afterward. Steph was my running partner again and again she kicked my butt!!
4/15/10 1.2 miles 00:11:03 Still not checking. Steph was my running partner even though she had already been to the gym and shoveled mulch for hours. She still kicked my butt!!
4/4/10 1.2 miles 00:11:59 Not gonna check. 🙂 Been a LONG time since last run. Short run – felt very good the whole time. Tomorrow will tell the rest of the story!
Mid-Late 2009 Varies Varies Did the fall Cottage Lake sprint Triathlon called Tri and Try Again. Also did the Microsoft 5k in the fall.
8/22/09 3.2 miles 00:31:43 Set out to do four miles. Quit at 3.1. Mile splits were: 11:03.52, 10:03.27, 9:46.85, 49.83.
8/4/09 4.0 miles 00:42:36 157.4 Felt full of energy despite the 7:30 p.m. start immediately after arriving home from work. Took the hill without much extra effort – smooth and steady. Mid, right back muscle pain at 1.5 miles. Felt good breathing and energy the whole run. Had some muscle fatigue and right knee stress towards the end of the run. Mile splits were: 10:01.70, 9:03.54, 9:52.52, 13:38.29.
7/25/09 2.4 miles 00:23:54 156.0 Ran with Steph today.Split time was 12:22.69. First half of run was good. At the halfway point, muscles were getting a little tired, back was tightening in some spots (middle right and lower left). Was able to run the entire distance and increase speed the last 0.2 miles. Was pretty tired at the end.
7/17/09 ~2 miles 00:20:59 Ran about 2 miles (out to a point and back). Split time was 10:33.88. First half of run was primarily up hill and return was feeling pretty winded and hot with some back tightness.
6/8/09 4 miles 00:46:16 Ran about 3.2 miles before walking for 6 mins and then completing the run. Started up the big hill strong and kept a good pace through 2 miles before having to actively manage run.
6/2/09 4 miles 00:49:29 157.4 Ran about 3.5 miles before walking for 3 mins and then completing the run.
5/30/09 4 miles 00:53:00 Layed off running for about a year since relocating to Washington and rupturing a disc in early August of 2008. New terrain, new concern for body and long time since attempting to run. Couple of things to note. 1) had no watch to time, so total time is a close estimate, 2) had no idea how far I was going to attempt to run, 3) have never run hills before (wow!), 4) was focused on not getting hurt or overdoing it and 5) ran for 3 miles and then walked the fourth. Overall felt good!
5/21/08 3.3 miles 00:31:39 155.0 Felt great – breathing good, good pace – could have gone a couple more.
5/20/08 2 miles 00:18:00 New pair of running shoes.
5/14/08 2 miles 00:20:17 156.2 Stopped due to right calf muscle strain. Warm and humid day!
5/8/08 1.75 miles 00:15:44 156.8 Started too fast. Warm day and nothing to eat beforehand.
5/4/08 2.5 miles 00:19:29
5/2/08 4 miles 00:42:14 159.4
5/1/08 2 miles 00:16:26
4/29/08 2.9ish miles 00:28:56 158.2 Ran with David. Not used to talking while running. Felt good cardio-wise. Shins somewhat tight and later mid back tightness.
4/22/08 1.75 miles 00:17:27 159.0 Muscles a little tight and sore from Sunday’s run. Calves and shins tightness, weakness and mid right back soreness.
4/20/08 1.75 miles 00:16:29 158.2 Ran this about five minutes after the previous run.
4/20/08 5K 00:30:07 158.2 It’s been a long break from running.
2/14/08 1.75 miles 00:17:24 159.8 Tired start, sore back (I know, I’m old). Warmed up at halfway point.
2/11/08 5K 00:31:23 Felt okay. Towards the end, outside back left ankle pain and right foot front pad numb. Left ankle probably due to turning foot in during stride and right foot just from pounding it into the street for 3 miles.
2/10/08 2.3? miles 00:22:30 Don’t want to know! 🙂 Felt great. One month between runs is feeling right.
1/4/08 1.82 miles 00:16:46 On the sun deck of the Elation while cruising the Pacific!
12/16/07 1.75 miles 00:17:19
12/11/07 1.64 miles 00:17:00 Treadmill run.
12/9/07 1.75 miles 00:17:09 Leg muscles were a little sore. Breathing was good.
12/7/07 1.75 miles 00:17:21 Ran last Saturday after recovering a week from a hurt back. Ran for about 5:30 minutes before stopping due to hurt knee. Today felt tight and tired.
11/19/07 1.75ish miles?? 00:16:00-00:18:00?? Couldn’t figure out the damn treadmill. Ran till I was sweating and felt like I was done. Maybe next time I will have it figured out.
11/17/07 1.75 miles 00:16:00 158.4
11/11/07 1.75 miles 00:17:05 158.6
11/10/07 1.75 miles 00:16:08 159.8 Laid off too long between runs.
10/27/07 1.75 miles 00:14:30 159.0 Struggled a bit on this one. Good weather though.
10/21/07 1.75 miles 00:14:56 158.4
10/20/07 1.75 miles 00:16:22 After drinking two beers. 🙂
10/17/07 1.75 miles 00:17:06
10/16/07 1.75 miles 00:16:28
10/15/07 1.75 miles 00:16:24* 159.4 *Messed up timing. Most likely 18:30 to 19:00. Weight was midday following run.

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