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02 Oct

FaceplantOur oldest son has been doing a lot of skateboarding over the past couple years. He’s been riding many days, went to summer camp this summer and continues to challenge himself to be “The Best Skateboarder in the World”. But along the way to accomplishing this feat comes lessons and injuries. This is the latest…(click the image for the full view.)


Waterfront Property in Boerne

17 Aug

After a couple of hours of heavy rain from a passing tropical storm, our quiet and ordinary neighborhood had a new attractive water feature delivered to it. We now own waterfront property in Boerne! This is bound to double the value of our home since our front door leads to this beautiful waterway. Plus it’s loads of fun for the whole family. Come on down and stay with us on the river!


Missing Blizzard

08 May

Today we put our long time cat down to rest. Blizzard was 16 years old, 85ish in cat years. While he’s had a good long life, beginning with us when he was only a few weeks old, it still seems like we should have more time with him.


Stephanie and I found an ad for a white kitten with blue eyes that was just a couple weeks old on the bulletin board at our apartment complex where we first lived together. When we visited his owner at the time, he seem anxious and ready to leave the environment. Their young toddler thought that the kitten was more of a baseball than a kitten. Steph reached to pick him up and he scaled up her shirt like a fugitive desperate for freedom. We took him home and started a new life with him.

Blizzard was a fiesty cat who was very independent. He sometimes would let you pet his belly, but would then “attack” your hand with his claws and teeth in the next second. As he aged, he settled more. He was a very affectionate cat who developed a routine of laying around the house and securing his place on our bed each night. His favorite spot was up upon Steph’s chest with his face close to hers. He managed to capture more time in our bed than any of our kids ever did.

To many, myself included, it’s difficult to appreciate someone else’s loss of a family pet. It seems fairly minimal compared to other losses people experience. But when you have to make a decision about a lucid, content family pet who is staring back in your eyes, happy to be back home after 24 hours at the emergency room veterenarian’s clinic being poked and prodded, it’s more difficult than you may give credit. You see, the decision is not necessary black and white. It’s a decision between what IS versus what MAY be. After all, it is a living breathing life that you’re deciding for. Not easy.

Add to this mix, explaining to small kids what has happened, why it has happened, what happens next, etc. Each child comprehends the death at different levels and associates different emotions, questions and actions that took place with it.

The only part that makes this loss a little easier is that we knew his outlook was not good. We were able to spend some time with him and just love on him before we put him to sleep.

He will be missed. He’s the last of the three pets we got early in our relationship before our “other” children came along. So our connection to those early days has no left with Blizzard. We have plenty of pictures and fond memories of Blizzard. Rest in peace Blizzard.


When I Reach For You

18 Mar

Sometimes when I give you an unexpected kiss.
A nuzzle on the neck –
or a pat –
on whatever interesting place is handy –
you ask, “What was that for?”
Not so much from doubt,
but to hear me say “I love you” one more time.

A habit? Maybe – but a good one.
For all of that –
for in the Fall –
Or is it the Winter of our lives –
saying “I love you” one more time takes on meanings
it could not have when we were so delightfully young,
disgustingly slender and so smart we knew all there was worth knowing.
My “I love you” is deeper now –
It has shades, tones, textures, patterns
it could not have known before.

When I reach for you.
It is with the deep sense of the goodness
of the years
With you
My Love.

Author: Kaye Gibbons
Date: Unknown, circa 1990

This poem from my Aunt is very insightful, touching and helpful. Each time I read it is like the first time I did. Knowing someone personally who has written something like this biases you, I’m sure. But even without knowing this woman (one of my favorite relatives of all), you can learn something from her words.I often wonder about life and especially what to expect as I get older. This poem helps to shed some light on the subject. I value my Aunt’s words knowing how caring and intelligent she was. If I did not respect her, these words would simply be words.

There may be a time in my life that I write something to capture some lessons learned with my time here, but I don’t know that it will be nearly as good as this poem. I can only try and hope so.

Although I didn’t spend a great deal of time with her, I formed a concrete sense of her personality. She was a wonderful person whom I will remember in a positive light always.