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Snowball Fight!!!

26 Dec

Don’t send a lame Holiday eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

Update 04/08/13: content is no longer available from Jib Jab. 🙁


Family Feud Turkey Day

15 Dec

I once saw this clip on a game show bloopers program and laughed like crazy. If at first you don’t laugh out loud, watch it again and again. I guarantee you will get the giggles!


Two Princes(ses)

16 Oct

Two Princes(ses)Who is the stronger sex? Male or Female. I’m not sure who’s actually stronger, but I can tell you who can manipulate and coerce more than the other. FEMALE. Or perhaps it’s just males knowing that they need to entertain females’ suggestions for the long-term benefit of themselves.

Either way, I have some great blackmail photos for when these princes(ses) get older.