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Green is Slow and Cool

14 Aug
Addendum: I went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of GE Reveal Floodlights to replace the fluorescents described below. I removed the old lights, installed the new ones and flipped the switch. Now everything has a RED hue to it. In fact, one of my boys walked by the kitchen after I installed the new lights and he said, “Woah! Dad painted the kitchen!” Back to the store for some good old fashioned light bulbs…

I’ve been using energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs for a couple years now to replace my standard incandescent light bulbs. At first I used them to replace closet lights which were burning out quickly which led to me dragging out the ladder too frequently for my preference. Energy efficient light bulbs promised many hours more use between replacements vs. conventional bulbs in addition to lower energy consumption. But these ugly bulbs were best used in locations that were out of sight.

Now manufacturers are designing these bulbs with much more appealing looks so that they look good in a dining room chandelier as well as your bathroom vanity.

Now that I’m using more and more of these bulbs throughout the house, I am finding there are still two issues I’m encountering that are slowing me down from completely adopting these bulbs.

1. In my larger 75 watt equivalent flood lights, it takes many seconds for the bulbs to get to full brightness. They seem to need to “warm up” before they really glow brightly. This is a problem in my kitchen at night when I flick on the lights and there’s a very low glow. I definitely prefer that the lights virtually instantaneously hit their normal operating brightness level.

2. Fluorescents have a cool color of light that they throw. When compared to incandescent lights, fluorescents seem to have more of a blue cast to them. This color difference can make the appearance of your walls, flooring and decorations shift enough to make your colors unappealing. I’d like to see a range of color temperatures to allow me to select warmer or cooler colors to match the area I’m lighting.

I’m no lighting designer or interior designer and never imagined I’d be commenting on this, but the items listed above have me headed to the hardware store to replace my energy efficient bulbs with the old school ones to overcome these issues.