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Labor Day Vacation 2010

11 Sep

We took a road trip back to Idaho over the Labor Day weekend and had a great time. Over three days, we unplugged from the Internet at a Chalet that we rented. We hiked around the area, visited the beach at the lake, played games and grilled out at the Chalet and enjoyed quality family time. The big part of the trip was our trip to Silverwood Theme Park where Ryan and Ethan both experienced their first roller coaster ride which turned them upsidedown! It was a great time for all.

Oh, and Ethan spotted a beehive hanging from a tree at the beach park we played at. You’ll see the large beehive in the video.


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Bowling Party

08 May

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Hi Age

16 May


A Winter Video from Meg

24 Dec

Shortly after the our friends moved to Colorado, their daughter Meg, recorded this video to share with friends showing the difference between Texas and Colorado.

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Family Feud Turkey Day

15 Dec

I once saw this clip on a game show bloopers program and laughed like crazy. If at first you don’t laugh out loud, watch it again and again. I guarantee you will get the giggles!


This One Time at Skate Camp

20 Nov


The Race for Recycling

20 Nov

Check out Brandon’s movie debut. Plus it’s a project he had to do for school.


Waterfront Property in Boerne

17 Aug

After a couple of hours of heavy rain from a passing tropical storm, our quiet and ordinary neighborhood had a new attractive water feature delivered to it. We now own waterfront property in Boerne! This is bound to double the value of our home since our front door leads to this beautiful waterway. Plus it’s loads of fun for the whole family. Come on down and stay with us on the river!