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“Lessons Learned”

22 Oct

The name of our “Rock Band” is Lessons Learned. We’ve been playing together for about 4 days now and we already played before a our first audience. We’re looking to take our show International!!! Not really… Actually, several of us from work got together to form this rock band in order to participate in a fund raiser for charity. We played the video game Rock Band on Xbox 360 and are competing with nine other bands. It was a lot of fun playing and certainly makes for an interesting photo too.

The Band "Lessons Learned" After a Gig

The Band


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Time for change

29 Jun

Gallery lights at the AlamoIt’s time for a change in my life. I have just left Rackspace after about 2 1/2 years and am in the process of orienting myself for the next adventure. It’s an interesting process outlining new goals and life priorities. So far, some ideas under consideration are 1) create a new startup business, 2) change industries completely, 3) leave the area and 4) maintain the current course in San Antonio and technology.Where ever I go from here, I am looking forward to it.